Meet our CBD

Everyone has questions about our CBD.  No, we do not grow it or extract it ourselves.  Instead, we leave it up to the true professionals who do an amazing job!

First, our CBD is derived from industrial hemp. The CBD is extracted from the hemp with kosher alcohol.

This extraction process undergoes purification and distillation processes that result in a high quality, high-CBD oil free from all solvents.

This process includes at least four different tests to check on the quality of our CBD - all the way through!

In fact, all product is third party tested, ensuring that it is free of heavy metals and pesticides.  The raw oil is then tested, the potency is tested... it goes on and on.

And!  When we say that our products are Vegan - we mean all the way through to the CBD!  No animal products are used during the extraction process, containers, or packaging.

And of course - the CBD is Gluten Free, just like all of the ingredients in WELL Products.

Last but not least.... Many people as us if CBD shows up in Drug Tests.  There is a SLIGHT possibility for a false positive on a drug test.  So - the choice is up to you.  But we are letting you know that we hold no liability it this happens.  So if this is a concern for you - we suggest you do not use any hemp or CBD products.

I think that's it!  Welcome to WELL CBD PRODUCTS!